FaceApp Pro APK v11.3.2.2 Latest Version Without Watermark

Faceapp Pro is a well-known photo-editing application being used widely by a variety of users globally because of its unique features and user-friendly interface. The face app face editor is based on AI photo editing tools with its quality features of turning a simple photo into a mesmerizing one.

We all are photo lovers at some point and are always looking for uploading great photos of us on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp specifically for greater appreciation by our followers and self-likeliness. For meeting up with such requirements we have been provided with the best application which is FaceApp Pro. It helps the users to amend their photos the way they like.

Faceapp (PRO, MOD, APK)

Additional Information About Faceapp Pro APK

App Name Faceapp Pro APK
Publisher Faceappapk
Size 39 MB
Latest Version
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+
Required Android 7.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Photography
Developer FaceApp Technology Ltd
Update 1 Day Ago
Get it On GooglePlayStore


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What does the Face app do?

All users reading this article would be wondering what actually does a face app do. So, the answer to all your curiosities is right here. Face app has AI filters including impression filters, makeup filters, hair color, and hairstyle filters, creative light effects, compare tools along with tools for temperature saturation, and more. So, to remain on all the latest beauty trends face app helps you to model your photos into exactly the type you want.

FaceApp Pro APK
FaceApp Pro APK

Features of FaceApp Pro APK

This article is for all those users who are looking for a platform that can help them to learn the details of all the features Face App exactly has.

Impression of the Face

This feature of the face app will help the user to transform their photo into another style like a Hollywood 2 impression of face app is totally free of cost and changes your photo into a fascinating one. There are almost 10 other impressions that are paid filters of this feature and can only be accessed by the pro version.

Different types of Hairstyles and colors

Changing your hairstyles one by one was not that easy before. But yes, the face app has provided users with a different feature of providing a wide range of hairstyles that can be applied to your photo in a quick one go. Also, it helps to apply different hair colors Now you can easily apply hairstyle filters by using the face app and creating a photo of your choice. The hairstyle feature of Faceapp Pro has Long and Bob cut styles for totally free whereas the rest of the styles come under the pro version of the app.

Change in Size of Face features

This amazing feature of Faceapp Pro helps the user to change the size of their Nose, enhancing Lips, sharp chin, big eyes, and Cheekbones with just one click. Again, the free version has limited features but the pro version includes a variety of features such as enhancing your lips, uplifting cheekbones, and small nose, etc.

FaceApp Pro APK
FaceApp Pro APK

Makeup Applying Features

Sometimes I wonder what if we call face app a virtual salon that can fulfill all your needs in just one go. Yes, because it has a more exciting feature of applying Makeup on your face in just one selection. Wondering how beautiful one can look with this amazing feature.

Uploading a simple picture and coming up with a highly appealing photo with just one click of your choice. The features include contouring, blush eyelashes eyebrows, eyeliner foundation no makeup look, applying eyeshadows, glossy lips, bright matte, etc. Makeup 4 is the only free feature of the makeup filter. For accessing the other features of the makeup filter user has to go for a pro version which is paid.

Enhancing skin

Face app has various filters in its skin feature which can help the user to make their skin looks smooth, Tan, Matte, Glowing without eyebags, and unwrinkled. Again, the wrinkle filter is free while the rest of the features need a paid pro version to be subscribed for access.

Smile Feature

You must be wondering how one can smile fake if they were not smiling initially in the picture. Amazingly yes one can with the smile feature of the Face App. It has high-end features that even give you classic smile, pretty teeth, wide tight, closed, and upset features to be applied for your smile. Among them, only the classic filter is free in the smile feature while the rest needs a pro-paid version to access the rest of the features.

Funny Age changer

Everyone wants to look young appealing and beautiful not in person but also in their photos. Yes, this can be done through the face app easily. This feature of the face app has filters like baby face, young, child, teen, and even old and cool old for fun. The age feature has all the filters for free in the face app.

FaceApp Pro APK
FaceApp Pro APK

Gender change for fun

This feature has the option of changing your gender from male to female and female to male. It isn’t funny that you can make both male and female versions of yourself in just one go.

Wear glasses Feature

The wear glass feature of the face app applies filters with glasses on the photo to make it more appealing and attractive for the user. The glass frame is of different shapes, borders, and sizes. Mostly, this feature of the face app has paid filters.

Face Swap

The face swap feature of this application is one of the best features for users. It has four filters namely face swap, Morphing, our son, and our daughter. All these filters are included in the free version.


This feature applies to the beard filter in the photo. It has mainly pro filters which are included in the paid version. Full beard filter is free of cost only.


The face app provides the user with a unique feature of face reshaping, size, width, and recovery. It helps the user to adjust the photo according to their requirement. Mostly, the filters of this feature are in the paid version. However, some features can be used for free.


There are various filters in the face app. If you want to go for a variety of different and mesmerizing filters to apply on the background of the photo then you have come to the right place. Faceapp is one of the best applications with numerous filters from which a user can select accordingly o their choice and apply. It’s a hub of multiple filters in just one application. The filters of this app are quite different from other applications in quality as well as uniqueness.

FaceApp Pro APK
FaceApp Pro APK


Adjustments can be done by using the face app in the form of brightness, contrast, shadows, highlight, saturation, temperature, tint, sharpening, and grain. All the filters in the adjustment feature are of free cost.

Crop and rotate

The crop feature of the face app excludes unnecessary content in the photo as per the need of the user. It has different ratios for cropping the photo. Rotation can also be done at all the angles required by the user. All the filters are free in this feature of the face app.


Background selection is an essential part of any photograph that is captured. Therefore, the face app has all solutions to your problems including backgrounds from various domains such as sea, city, luxury, club, forest, graphics,3D backgrounds mountains, etc. You can also select the background of your choice from the web or gallery. It is a free feature.

Lens blur

This feature helps the user to blur objects where required by using the face app. All the filters are free in Lens blur.

Vignette and Overlay

These include one of the most enhancing features one could wish for. A photograph is beautified by this feature of the app.

The paid and unpaid versions of the face app

The faceapp has two types of versions namely paid version and the unpaid version. The free version has limited features as already described in detail in the article. The paid version has access to all the features. Including all premium features, an Ad-free experience, and no watermarks. There are two plans for the Face app one is monthly and one yearly.

Why should we use the face app?

Users should use the face app because it has amazing and unique features just under one application. It provides the users with all the required filters that they wish for. The free version has limited features but still provides good editing filters.

How can the face app be installed?

  • The face app can be installed on all android phones.
  • Visit the website for downloading the app version of the application.
  • Click on the that has been provided by the website.
  • The game will be downloaded after a few seconds
  • Edit your photos with the face app now and enjoy.


  • Face App is so far one of the best photo-editing applications with features covering nearly as many filters as other photo-editing applications do not offer.
  • Face app can be downloaded free from the google play store and is supportive for all android devices.
  • You can easily download the full free version of the face app from our website with all the unlocked features of this application with free instructions and downloading.
  • Users can enjoy the ad-free version and all paid features of the application at our website Faceapp Pro apk unlock version with just one click.


  • It has too many ads in the free version which a user finds frustrating while using the application since it consumes lots of time.
  • Apart from basic features, there are many filters that are in the pro version and paid.
How can the face app be installed
How can the face app be installed

Frequently Ask Questions

We have shared some information regarding FaceApp Pro MOD APK that you will have heard about. This information will help you better understand this application and how to use it correctly.

Is Faceapp PRO APK Free?

Yes, Faceapp APK is available on their website in a free version. Using this version, you will have access to many appealing features, but you will need access to some premium features. Therefore, you will have to pay a reasonable amount of money to obtain all the premium features of this application.

Is Faceapp PRO APK Saving Personal Data?

No, this app does not save your data. You can use this application without any worries or doubts whatsoever. So, why aren’t you looking for the Google Play Store and downloading this APK to give feedback through the comments section?

Is Faceapp Pro free?

Is this Pro version of this app free? You have this question on your mind. Yes, it’s free. If you download Faceapp Pro Apk from the Play Store, you must pay approximately $3.99 monthly. But do not worry. Here you’ll get this premium version at no cost. So, you can go with the free APK Pro version.

How can you Download Faceapp PRO APK?

Keep reading this article by clicking the Install button. Afterward, open this post, and you will see the download button for the premium version of this application.

What is Faceapp PRO?

Faceapp is a premium version of the Faceapp Application. Here, you will get a lot of premium features for an excellent and inexpensive editing system. Yes, you will have to pay money for these features, but with us, you will get these features for free. So, what are you delaying? Go and Install the Application with caution from our link.

Is it Secure to Download?

Indeed, it’s 100% safe to download from our Mod Apk website. Here, we have uploaded the best version of this application, including all the premium versions of this app. So you can use it to edit your OTA content.

How to Download the Faceapp Pro Mod Version?

In this download, you will find a Mod version of the app that contains all the premium functions with a premium editing experience. It is updated and safe to use. The access code you see on your screen is your success and personal accomplishment. It’s time to test your skills and does it all.

Final Reviews

The face app application is a great source of photo editing for all users who wish to make their pictures look appealing and attractive. Most significantly, our website provides the unpaid and unlocked version of the face app which you can enjoy to the fullest with all the features for free. Here, we have discussed all things related to FaceApp Pro APK with the high quality of its modifications. If you want to edit one’s photo, this APK will help you to a great extent. We have also provided a link to the Download the APK Version mod. Here, all the Pro features have been unlocked.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. If so, do not forget to review the share button and inform everyone about this application’s excellent features. If you’re curious about anything regarding this MOD version of this application, feel free to comment below.

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