Download FaceApp APK to Install in Android, Iphone and PC

How to Change or Convert your face into a Girl or a Girl to Boy, Smile face, Old age, Hot, or Old to Young face, all these Features and that’s work very perfectly in this New artificial intelligence app named Faceapp. Earlier It was available for iOS only and now it is available for Android, yes, finally it is available for Android smartphones.

The result of this app is extraordinary specially Boy to Girl effect is so natural, only that option make this app much more useful and will give you so much fun while sharing with your friends and family and while also changing your favorite movie stars or tv stars in to a girl, you will laugh a lot when you will use this app.

Faceapp Male to Female

Faceapp went viral when it released for iOS app, within 2 weeks it touched the milestone of 1 Million downloads. Still many few people know about this amazing app.

Features of Faceapp Android App:

  1. Convert Normal face into a Smile face.
  2. Make you more Hotter
  3. Change your face to a old age person
  4. Change old age person to a young face
  5. Convert a male face into a female face
  6. Change a girl face to a boy face
  7. Make Collage of your face’s different avatars

Entertainment with Family and Friends

If you are finding an entertainment or fun app for your android phone, which you can enjoy with your family members or friends, then this app will do the task very easily. You can change your brother/sister face and send them on whatsapp or facebook, they will be amaze to see that who is that beautiful guy or girl.

Just Convert your elders face into a young person and show them, and make a smile on their face.

Convert your male friends into female and female into male, and send them their pics and ask do you know her or do you know him. It will add really fun to your conversation and create many laugh moments.

No. 1 Photo App on iOS App Store

Face App is already reached the no.1 App on iOS App store in many countries in the Photo category. Soon, it will be boost their no. of app downloads among android users too.

Download Full FACAPP APK Android App from Below Link with:

  1. No Watermark
  2. Choose to Change Original Photo or Not
  3. No Ads
  4. and Lot more Premium Features

Download Faceapp Full APK File